Activities for Rosa’s Very Big Job

Story Character Paper Dolls


Celebrate Picture Books and AislingArt have created printable story character paper dolls, clothes, and extras for Rosa’s Very Big Job. Now you can help Rosa, Grandpa and Mama get dressed and ready for the day – and act out your own stories with them! Click on Rosa to go to the paper doll craft project.


Create an adventure with pictures or words!

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Pretend play for little ones

Adults can provide some props from the story for children’s imaginative play – perhaps a laundry basket, some sheets and towels, a plastic hanger and a sock.

Perhaps little ones will want to fish like Grandpa and Rosa …

… Or fold laundry?

Laundry math activity for little ones

Click on Grandpa’s laundry to go to a Math Around Us sorting activity from publisher Star Bright Books.

Art and spot art from the book Rosa’s Very Big Job illustrated by Sarah Vonthron-Laver, copyright © 2016 Star Bright Books