Activities for Banana for Two

Early Math Activities

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For additional activities, in English and Spanish, from the California Early Math Project,  click here.


Make Bunnies!

Make your own two bunny puppets – and feed them! – with this craft project from illustrator Ying-Hwa Hu. This hands-on bunny and carrot play offers opportunities to talk about the quantities of one and two.

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Math Game

Celebrate Picture Books and illustrator Ying-Hwa Hu have created a printable grocery shopping math game for Banana for Two. You and your child can fill a bag with food items in quantities of one and two and enjoy some math fun! Click on the banana to go to the math game and start your shopping.

Pretend play for little ones

Adults can provide some props from the story for children’s imaginative grocery shopping play – perhaps a little shopping cart or grocery bag, a couple of stuffed animals, and some recycled food containers.