Activities for Gift & Box

Make the Box character!

You can make a Box character that looks like the one in the story. Click here to download and print the image. 

Box illustration © 2023 by Brizida Magro

NOTE: Before you glue on the printed image to the cardboard box, be sure to position the opening to show child’s eyes.

Cut off the lower box flaps when you’re all done.

Or just cut the opening for the eyes and children can design their own Box face!

Pretend play for little ones

Children can use the cardboard Box character creation as a prop to engage in pretend play around the story. They can imagine what it’s like to be Gift inside of Box!

Perhaps little ones would like to explore some different emotions as the story character Gift. Maybe they can be an excited Gift… an angry Gift…a bored Gift?

Or perhaps children would like to make up new scenes from the mail journey in Gift & Box and act them out?

Here Gift travels to Sofia along with another Gift!

Create your own wrapping paper for a special gift!

Celebrate Picture Books shares instructions for making Shaving Cream Wrapping Paper.

Click on the marbled paper and scroll down to start creating.

Sing a Song!

Click here for audio and lyrics for a fun song, WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH A CARDBOARD BOX?

Illustrations © 2023 by Brizida Magro