Rosa’s Very Big Job

When spunky Rosa decides to help out her busy mama, she enlists Grandpa’s help to put away the clean laundry. But can little Rosa get this big job done before Mama returns home from shopping? Join Rosa and her grandpa on a laundry day romp around the house full of imaginative adventures and big new words – and lots of surprises for Mama when she returns home! Young children will enjoy the fun and learn some big new words alongside Rosa.


Illustration by Sarah Vonthron-Laver, © 2016 Star Bright Books

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“I predict readers will love Rosa and her Grandpa and be inspired to embark on their own laundry and other household adventures while using lots of new big words!” – Sarah E. Walzer, CEO, The Parent-Child Home Program

“There’s definitely some preschool-friendly humor here, as Rosa is able to put away the (previously folded by Mama) clothes neatly, while the lazier Grandpa struggles. Rosa has to teach Grandpa how to keep a jacket from slipping off the hanger (“Zip it up”). The transition into fantasy mode (when the laundry basket becomes a boat) is seamless, though reality remains in the details (as when they fish for a striped sock, using a hanger for a fishing rod). Rosa is very cute, and demonstrates the classic drive of a preschooler to help Mama…. It’s also nice…to see grandparents included as day-to-day caregivers.” – Jen Robinson’s Book Page

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ISBN 978-1-59572-748-0 (Hardcover)
ISBN 978-1-59572-749-7 (Paperback)
Published by Star Bright Books, 2016
Picture book, 32 pages
For ages 3-6

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