Rosa’s Very Big Job

When spunky Rosa decides to help out her busy mama, she enlists Grandpa’s help to put away the clean laundry. But can little Rosa get this big job done before Mama returns home from shopping? Join Rosa and her grandpa on a laundry day romp around the house full of imaginative adventures and big new words – and lots of surprises for Mama when she returns home! Young children will enjoy the fun and learn some big new words alongside Rosa.


Illustration by Sarah Vonthron-Laver, © 2016 Star Bright Books

Includes a note from early literacy and language expert Dr. Betty Bardige that shows adults how everyday activities and conversation with young children offer rich opportunities to build early language. To see more language-building tips from Dr. Bardige you can visit Early Childhood Investigations.

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“In Rosa’s Very Big Job, a preschooler and her grandfather create exciting adventures out of household chores. . . . Mayer intentionally gives young Rosa and her grandfather big words like ‘dangerous’ and ‘enormous’ to describe their adventures because, as [Dr. Betty] Bardige writes in her note for parents at the end, ‘children love big words . . . adults can introduce big words when they talk with preschoolers’ and they don’t need a dictionary to do it.” – Jarrett Dapier, “Building Better Brains,” in Children and Libraries, journal of the Association for Library Service to Children

“Warm toned, playful, humorous illustrations show Rosa having fun and getting laundry put away with the help of her grandfather while her mom is out shopping. Rosa knows that even though she is too little to do some things, she can be a big help to her mom. Best of all, when she is done struggling with carrying and folding the laundry and putting it away, not to mention supervising her poor grandfather, she has time to pretend to go sailing and fishing in a pretend boat (the laundry basket) with her wonderful grandfather. . . . Preschool children will love the can-do attitude of the spunky Hispanic Rosa in her family life. Rosa’s Very Big Job is a great experience for adults and children to share together on the amazing journey of growing up in life.” – Midwest Book Review

“There’s definitely some preschool-friendly humor here…. Rosa is very cute, and demonstrates the classic drive of a preschooler to help Mama.” Jen Robinson’s Book Page

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ISBN 978-1-59572-748-0 (Hardcover)
ISBN 978-1-59572-749-7 (Paperback)
Illustrated by Sarah Vonthron-Laver
Published by Star Bright Books, 2016
Picture book, 32 pages
For ages 3-6

El gran trabajo de Rosa / Rosa’s Very Big Job, 2019
Spanish/English bilingual edition
ISBN: 978-1-59572-850-0


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